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ADAS Calibration

When it comes to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), malfunctions can be tough to pinpoint, but our team is equipped to calibrate and get them back to OE spec. A few of the most common systems we work on include:

  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Side-view Cameras
  • 360° Cameras

Our focus is reaching out to the consumer after their vehicle has been repaired to insure all calibrations that should have been performed on their vehicles have been performed. All too often a vehicle’s computer is “fooled” and won’t alert the driver, or repair facility, of necessary calibrations. This leads to a false sense of security for the vehicle owner and possibly harmful consequences for the vehicle’s occupants.

We lead the repair industry when it comes to ADAS training. We train all of our technicians to perform calibrations on virtually all makes and models. Not because it’s easy – it isn’t – but because it’s the only way to make our roads safer. Our techs perform calibrations to solve problems, not just check boxes.

We’ll let you in on an industry secret: it’s possible to clear codes and turn off dashboard lights without actually fixing the underlying vehicle problem. Our technicians know better than to cut corners, so they always perform work according to service procedures, making sure every vehicle is safe when it returns to the road.

We often repeat the mantra, “Cleared is not calibrated.” Simple but powerful lessons like these are what make our approach to training so unique. We believe in investing in people. Training the white-collar automotive workforce of tomorrow is the only way to keep our roads safe as vehicles become smarter.



  • Lane departure warning (LDWS)
  • Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
  • Blind spot detection (Side mirrors)
  • Park Assist
  • 360 cameras
  • Park assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Traffic sign recognition

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