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“Having decades of experience in the collision repair industry, it wasn’t until recently that I was armed with the correct tools to properly identify the safety needs of today’s automobiles. Once I had the information, I was alarmed at home many vehicles are being sent home to their owners without their safety systems being calibrated – or made safe.

Many of today’s collision repair facilities have scanners to perform pre or post repair scans. Having been on the repair side, I can attest that many estimators do the scans to be able to charge for them, but don’t properly analyze the content. Honesty time… Been there; Done that. Other shops don’t perform scans unless there is a light on the dash that “needs to go away”. With the amount of code in today’s automobile computers, it is impossible to have a light on the dash for every possible “failed condition” that could occur in an impact.

ADAS Specialists of Texas has invested in the equipment, software and training to insure that your vehicle’s safety systems are functioning properly. Contact us today for a complimentary review of your vehicle’s repair to see if a calibration, or if calibrations, need to be performed to make your vehicle safe. Many of today’s complex safety systems require multiple calibrations per vehicle. If a calibration is needed, we will perform the needed tasks and bill your insurance company directly. If your vehicle repair did not go through insurance, we will consider special pricing to insure you and your occupants are safe.”

I have been trying to get this over to you for a month now and just haven’t had time to get it done. Now that we are about to launch, I had to make time. This is a good start. Once these edits are made, we will review and move forward from there.

Thanks for all you do!

Jim Farrar
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11412 Buvinghausen Rd.
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